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GadgetGuy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Last minute

Christmas is pretty much right around the corner, and if you haven’t had the time to grab a gift, we’re going to help out with some ideas at shops that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

10:04 am 19/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

BlackBerry to return in 2015 with the Classic

BlackBerry’s grip on the business smartphone market has more or less loosened to the point of barely being held, but the company doesn’t want to be forgotten and will have a nod to customers coming next year.

9:10 am 19/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Instagram updates with new filters, more controls

If you’re a keen Instagrammer and you live by the camera of your smartphone, you’ll be happy to hear you have new filters inbound, as well as a way of switching off the ones you don’t like.

12:00 pm 18/12/2014 By Staff writers

Telstra’s $99 4G phone reviewed: is the HTC Desire 510 worth your time?

What does $99 buy you in a phone? The answer is apparently 4G, and now Telstra is joining in with the whole budget 4G movement, with a small, fast, and cheap HTC handset.

4:23 pm 17/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Motorola’s X to end the year as the last 2014 smartphone

This year has been stellar for smartphones, and customers are now spoiled for choice, but it’s not done yet, and Motorola is getting in what what appears to be the last new release of the year.

3:31 pm 15/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

GadgetGuy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Budget buys

Our final gift guide for 2015 is all about budgets, because you’ve been tightening the belt in all regions this year, so why not have a cost-cutting celebration also.

2:05 pm 15/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Google’s Cardboard more than just a neat experiment

Google’s experiment into a cheaper version of virtual reality isn’t just an experiment anymore, as Google takes “Cardboard” more places, showing you how to make it yourself and getting more app developers involved.

12:44 pm 15/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

A big deal: Huawei’s Ascend Mate 7 reviewed

Fancy a big phone with a huge price? Huawei may have the handset for you, and it may even have a leg up on quite a few of its colossal competitors.

9:04 am 12/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Samsung’s Gear VR delayed, Australia to receive headset 2015

So much for a virtual reality friendly holiday season, as Samsung tells Aussies that it won’t be playing with the headset this Christmas.

6:59 am 11/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Telstra gets behind better international mobile pricing

While Vodafone took the lead on international mobile bill shock solutions, joined by Optus shortly thereafter, Telstra is finally chiming in with some relief of its own.

11:43 am 10/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

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